Thursday, February 6, 2014

Eating on the Wild Side

This book knocked me out! Totally unexpected and fascinating. I'll be blogging more on this later....

Is My Brain Inflamed???

Help! Here I am again pissed off in the car.  I’m feeling impatient with the person in front of me and I’m quite sure I’d never drive the way they do.  (lol) I want to go so much faster than most of the people I’m on the road with and I’m pretty sure that makes me a better person.  Ha!  At the same time I’m mad at myself for feeling this way.  I’m sure I’m not contributing to world peace and the happiness of all mankind.  I’m supposed to be nicer than this……blah blah blah, so go my thoughts.  By the time I get anywhere I’m not a happy camper. 

I recently read an article that had an entirely new slant on road rage, aka “intermittent explosive disorder.”  Don’t you love that name?  Click on the link to read this great article:
How do you find your center when you’re driving around in our crazy world?  Music?  Deep breathing?  Books on tape?  Some attitude that makes it all more palatable, or even pleasant?   Good ideas, anyone??