Friday, June 20, 2014

What is a Health Coach?

So, imagine that you own 100% of the stock in a company,Your Health Organization. You want to be the CEO of that company but you can’t -- you already have too many other jobs that you are trying to be amazing at -- such as mother, father, sister, brother, employee, friend, provider, etc. If you had nothing else to do in your life, you would be the owner and CEO of Your Health Organization. But you just don’t have the time so you make me, your Healthy Lifestyle Coach, your CEO.

The mission of Your Health Organization is to keep you fine-tuned and vibrant so you can succeed in all your important jobs and achieve your greatest potential in life. We want the stock value of your overall quality of life and health to rise over time.

Your company has many different departments. I oversee all of them and I also act as the department head and expert in some of them. Your corporate structure may look like this although it varies from person to person:

It is my responsibility to make sure you have the latest information in each of these fields and coach you to overall health success.

All of these specific areas of your overall health are interconnected and are continually being addressed with the latest studies and science.  We will work together to assess your areas of need and customize a program. For example, breast cancer or prostate cancer may run in your family or it may just be a concern of yours. Together we will make sure that you take general cancer prevention measures, including athletic training, sleep and meditation, eliminating cancer-causing household items and replacing them with non-toxic items. And then we will get very specific with your area of concern or need, and focus your nutrition and supplements to target preventing those diseases.  Naturally, over time your needs and areas of concern will change and we will adjust to meet those new requirements, always with your original goal in mind:  keeping you fine-tuned and vibrant so you can achieve your greatest potential in life.